Arctic Seed


LAKA: Architecture that Reacts / reTh!nking

Our Role

Architect, Visualisation


Honourable Mention

Both competitions challenged participants to devise an innovative solution to a social or environmental issue, with the latter specifying a design for a new Global Warming Centre. rg+p’s concept, The Arctic Seed is a mobile research station to monitor the effects of global warming across the seasonal ice sheets of the Arctic belt.

Inspired by technology and forces of nature, the Arctic Seed is a lightweight, prefabricated and inhabitable pod as a prototype for exploration and scientific research. With equipment and supplies consigned within, the station launches from a support vessel along the periphery of the Arctic shelf and gathers data from a range of sites, in advanced and otherwise difficult-to-access locations, without leaving detrimental impressions in the observed and documented landscapes.

More than 130 entries from 30 countries were submitted and rg+ p received an honourable mention.